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About JBL Triathlon Sieraków...

…another edition of the event held in the picturesque scenery of the Land of 100 Lakes! Sieraków, with its rich accommodation and gastronomic facilities, as well as its excellent environmental conditions, is a perfect place for all active individuals. JBL Triathlon Sieraków will take place on three different distances: a distance of 112.99 km, popularly known as the “half,” a distance of 28.25 km, the “1/8,” and the day after, a distance of 56.5 km, the “quarter,” so everyone will find something for themselves! We’ve also taken care of all the fans. For those in need of relaxation, we offer a wonderful city beach and numerous attractions, all near the starting and finishing lines of the competition! Join us in Sieraków on the last weekend of May, and bring your whole family along!

JBL Triathlon Sieraków

JBL Triathlon Sieraków is the perfect way to start the triathlon season in Poland. It’s not only a fantastic sporting event but also an opportunity to compete on picturesque routes surrounded by nature. Regardless of your level of expertise, every participant will find something for themselves here, and the charm of this place and the atmosphere of the competition will be unforgettable. Join us and experience the sporting spirit of triathlon in Sieraków!


Sieraków, located in the heart of the Land of 100 Lakes, offers a unique opportunity for swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Jaroszewskie. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this charming place and surrender to the tranquility of its pristine lakeside surroundings.


The cycling route in Sieraków is a true gem for cyclists. It’s undulating yet very fast, with excellent asphalt, providing perfect conditions for setting personal records. But that’s not all! The picturesque views of the surrounding nature add unforgettable charm to every pedal stroke, making riding on this route a true pleasure.


The running route in Sieraków is a true paradise for runners. It leads through picturesque forests, offering a typical cross-country character. Along the route, you can encounter charming sand dunes, adding a unique charm to the run. It’s a place where nature and sport come together in a perfect symbiosis, creating a unique setting for running enthusiasts.

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