Race Route

Swim course

The start will take place at the Słoneczna leisure center, on the beach by Lake Jaroszewskie. All distances will have a single loop for the swim course. The exit from the water will be located at the TKKF sports center, where personnel will assist athletes in getting out of the water. From the exit point to the transition area, it is approximately 250 meters. Participants will run on concrete slabs and cobblestone paths. Rubber mats and carpets will be laid out where necessary for a smooth transition.

Bike course

One loop of the bike course measures 22km, so for the 112.99km distance, athletes will need to complete 4 loops, for the 56.5km distance, 2 loops, and for the 28.25km distance, 1 loop. The course starts at the TKKF center in Sieraków and heads towards the town. It then turns left twice just before reaching the town to encircle Lake Jaroszewskie, where the swimming took place. The course profile is quite varied, suitable for the conditions of the Greater Poland region, offering a diverse and engaging terrain, so athletes won’t find it monotonous. Along the way, you can enjoy views of various lakes, as this is the “Land of 100 Lakes.” The entire route is on high-quality asphalt pavement. There are 2 aid stations on each loop, allowing athletes to replenish with drinks and nutrition every 11km.

Run course

One loop of the running course is 5.2km, so the number of loops to complete corresponds to the bike course: 4 loops for the 112.99km distance, 2 loops for the 56.5km distance, and just 1 loop for the 28.25km distance. The running course starts at the TKKF stadium and initially follows a path between the TKKF center’s cottages, transitioning into forest paths. After about a kilometer, it becomes a cobblestone bike path for 500m before turning left into the forest again. The course continues through forest paths and eventually passes by the transition area for the next loop. After about 2.5km, there is a nutrition station. The course profile is highly diverse, with about 90% of the route taking place on forest paths with varying surfaces. The run features numerous uphill and downhill sections with small to moderate inclines, and most of the route is shaded from direct sunlight. It is recommended to wear shoes with a deep tread and sturdy construction for this course.