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About Pho3nix Kids Cup

Pho3nix Kids Cup is an extraordinary opportunity for our youngest athletes to participate in exciting sports competitions! Our wonderful course not only ensures the joy of competition but also maximum safety. It’s a perfect chance for kids to test their skills in sports disciplines like cycling and running.

Pho3nix Kids Cup is not just about sports; it’s also fantastic fun! Our races are organized at the highest professional level, thanks to the efforts of the Pho3nix Foundation and the organizers of JBL Triathlon Sieraków. We ensure that children can enjoy sports, develop their passions, and create unforgettable moments on the course.

We encourage all children to participate in Pho3nix Kids Cup! It’s a great opportunity to discover the charms of triathlon and have an active day outdoors. We look forward to your presence at the starting line and guarantee unforgettable experiences!

Race Route

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