Why triathlon

Triathlon is an endurance discipline that combines three different sports: swimming, cycling, and running. This allows athletes to engage in the most comprehensive and diverse training among endurance sports. Practicing triathlon simply means you can’t get bored!

What is the distance to cover during the Sieraków Triathlon?

During this year’s Sieraków Triathlon, the competition will take place on three different distances:

28.25km: 475m swimming, 22.5km cycling, 5.275km running
56.5km: 950m swimming, 45km cycling, 10.55km running
112.99km: 1900m swimming, 90km cycling, 21.095km running

Do you need a license?

To participate, you are required to have a one-time or annual license from the Polish Triathlon Federation or another national triathlon federation.

How can I sign up for a triathlon?

You simply need to fill out the registration form on the website and make the required registration fee payment, and you’ll be added to the participant list.

What is the registration fee for participation?

We emphasize that the day the payment is received in the organizer’s account matters. Your name will only be added to the participant list after the registration fee has been paid.

This will be my debut in triathlon. Can I also participate in this event as a complete amateur?

In Sierakow, all participants are welcome! We have set very inclusive time limits, so you can comfortably complete the race without worries. The majority of our participants are active professionals who do triathlons for enjoyment in their spare time. Of course, advanced athletes are also invited, and we have prepared some attractive prizes for them.

Are there specific requirements regarding the bicycle?

For the distances of 28.25km, 56.5km, and 112.99km, we allow participants to use any functional bicycle. Whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, or a folding bike, it doesn’t matter. However, due to the nature of the course, we recommend road bikes or using smooth tires.

Can I listen to music from portable players during the competition?

We absolutely do not allow such a possibility! Such behavior poses a safety risk to both you and other participants because you won’t hear them when they pass you, and you won’t be able to hear announcements from referees and organizers.

Are there any requirements regarding the attire worn during the triathlon?

During the swimming course, men are required to wear only swim trunks, while women should wear a swimsuit. During the cycling and running portions, men must also wear any shirt covering their torso. We recommend using a one- or two-piece triathlon outfit, but it is not mandatory.When the water temperature is below 15.9 degrees Celsius, a wetsuit is compulsory, and even at higher temperatures, it is highly recommended!

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet during the bike course is absolutely mandatory! The helmet must be fastened before removing the bike from the rack after the swimming stage, and it should only be taken off after hanging the bike up before starting the run.

During the race, can my family and friends help me change a tube or hand me a water bottle?

Any external assistance, except for cheering, is prohibited and may result in a participant’s disqualification. The organizer provides beverages and nutrition at refreshment stations, and handing out drinks and nutrition from outside sources is forbidden and considered external assistance.

What is the transition zone?

It’s an area where participants leave their equipment needed for all stages of the triathlon: footwear, helmet, sunglasses, nutrition, and bike. Each athlete has their assigned spot for the bike and a basket where they leave all their belongings.

Can a stranger take my bike and belongings from the transition zone?

Your bike and belongings will be guarded, and only athletes with wristbands will have access to the transition zone. At the exit of the transition zone, the matching of the bike number with the athlete’s number will be checked. Access to the transition zone will be granted after the completion of the cycling leg by the last participant.

How is the time measured?

The time is measured electronically using a chip attached to the ankle with a neoprene strap. This allows you to not only determine the overall time but also the times for each individual stage of the triathlon.

How will I be marked on the triathlon course?

In the race package, you will receive a set of numbers and stickers with specific purposes:

1. A large A5-sized number should be visible on your waist during the cycling stage at the back, and on the front during the running stage. We recommend attaching it to an elastic band that can be easily rotated. This number should not be taken to the swimming stage.
2. Additionally, you will receive 2 small stickers to be placed on your helmet (one on the front and one on the left side), and 1 larger sticker to be affixed to your bike behind the seat post so that the number is visible from both sides.
3. You will also receive a swim cap with your assigned number, which is used for identification in the water.
4. Lastly, it’s important to have your race number written on your shoulder and calf, which allows for identification of the participant after exiting the water.

Can anyone participate in the competition?

In triathlon, on both distances, participation is allowed for individuals who are 18 years of age or older and can demonstrate good health.

Do I have a specified time limit to finish the race?

Due to logistical reasons, we have established the following time limits for completing the individual stages of the triathlon:

Distance 28.25km 56.5km 112.99km
Swimming 22.5 min 45 min 90 min
Swim + Bike 1h15min 3h30min 5h
Total 2h 5h 8h

The set limits are significantly extended compared to global standards, and we assure you that you will have sufficient time to comfortably complete the event.

What is the deadline for registration?

Registration for the Sieraków Triathlon is already open and will remain open until April 30, 2024, at the latest. However, due to the limited maximum number of participants, we recommend not delaying your registration. Once the maximum number of participants for a particular distance is reached, registration for that distance will be closed.

Are there nutrition stations along the race course? What can I expect at these stations?

On the cycling course for both distances, there will be 2 nutrition stations located every 11 kilometers. On the running course, there will also be 2 nutrition stations approximately every 2.7 miles. At each nutrition station, you can expect to find water, isotonic drinks, and bananas to help you stay hydrated and replenish your energy during the race.

Will my family and friends have any other activities to do during the event besides cheering?

Absolutely! We are preparing plenty of attractions for all the spectators so that everyone can have an enjoyable day!

What if it rains on the day of the race?

The race will take place regardless of weather conditions. However, in the case of exceptionally unfavorable weather, there might be a possibility of delaying the start time or even canceling the swimming segment for safety reasons.